I have been working pretty hard on beefing up Georgie to get him back into the ring to start working towards his Grand Champion title. He already as eight of his points, included a major and a win over another champions! Keeping weight on him is almost impossible. I discovered Louise’s Pet Connection in Lake Mary, FL as a fabulous alternative to Chewy.com (I don’t particularly care for the sale to PetSmart) and they were FANTASTIC in helping me find high quality foods to help with my problem!

I am now feeding the entire house NutriSource High Plains Select (grain free beef and trout) topped with Primal Raw Frozen Nuggets Lamb and Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Mackerel & Lamb. For Mr. Georgie he also gets 1/2 of a Stella & Chewy’s Frozen Surf N’ Turf Dinner Pattie. Usually RedBarn Beef Rolls do the trick – NOPE!  The raw diet has changed EVERYTHING! Seriously! It finally put weight on him like nothing else I have tried.

So I spent two months with the new diet and then WHAM! The girls go into season. Of course! So all that weight gain went bye-bye and back to skinny he went RIGHT before the show this weekend. Lovely!

Georgie showed like a champ but – being given a Select – but he is just too thin.Going through the motions this weekend to re-socialize him to the show ring. He has a good time, which is all that really matters. We will work on getting the weight back on him and maybe bring him back out at the end of Summer.

TIno did fine too. He never really shows himself on the first day of a show. Tomorrow he shod live his true confidence. We proudly took our Reserve today – Cant wait to come back tomorrow! We are finally at a local show (The Deland is only about 30 minutes up the road). I will get to sleep in tomorrow morning – YAHOO!!!





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