I may have gotten home late last night from our trip to Raleigh but I am back on the road today – This time I am headed to Biloxi! I literally came home, did laundry, bathed and dried Mr. Tino and then drove to Dolly’s this morning so that we could start our adventure. Getting their today is the key to getting a good grooming spot!

As we drove the 9 hour drive to the show site, when our eyes weren’t on the road they were on the weather forecast. Hurricane Irma is brewing out there with a path that makes this trip a nail-biter. Storm paths change so much I figured we would play it by ear but I am hoping it not only steers clear of our homes and families in Florida but also away from up in the Panhandle.

We made it to Biloxi late this afternoon and are settled in for the night. We have an early day at the Toy Breed Show tomorrow. Wish us luck!








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