So my second day of the show weekend started on the somewhat stressful side. The Beginner Puppy competition placed Tipsy going into the ring right around the same time Tino would be going into the Breed ring. But of course! Why would this be easy? Emma and Anna graciously offered to help. What Junior doesn’t want to show someone else’s dog? But for these girls an opportunity to show one of my Chihuahuas. They will eventually have a Tina puppy so this would be great practice for them. Anna was available, becoming the first person to take Tipsy into the ring for her official dog show debut!

I ran over to the Breed ring with Tino and with him going against issue again, there was no way for breed! We took Owner-Handler as well as Best Opposite Sex! After that win I ran over to the puppy rings to watch the dynamic-duo! OMG Tipsy looked adorable! It was so darn cold this morning so I cannot imagine how it felt to have her little tiny feet on the Frost covered grass. She hopped her way around the ring, cute as ever! When they went in for groups it was later in the morning so perhaps the ground had thawed a bit. A lot less hopping, Tipsy proudly made her way around the ring, showing her little butt off. So much so that she got herself a Group Three! What more could we ask for her debut in the shower ring? Plus Anna I getting to show her? I’m so proud of both the girls! What a great way to start the Tipsy’s show career!

Oh and by the way – I got to watch and cheer on Darius and Duncan get a Group 2! Oh yeah! You know that was way too cool!



Slow and Steady!
So Much To Celebrate Today!