Today started again in the beginner puppy ring but this time there was no ring conflict! I was actually able to show Tipsy! It wasn’t as cold today so that was definitely at our advantage. Plus today we got to show with Rita and Kisses! This is just haven’t seen each other in a while so it was nice for them to have a chance to Play together ring side. Kisses really has come along nicely and Rita has got her walking a lead. Both girls were fairly easy to lead break! I think that is thanks to their mother’s easy-going temperament! With warmer weather came warmer grass which came to Tipsy actually walking pretty confidently around the ring! We were again the only smooth coat Chihuahua (Kisses was the only long coat) but to my excitement , when we went in for groups she showed her little butt off big-time! So much so that we got a GROUP TWO!!!! SO unbelievably proud!

Tino did not show so well. Honestly, I think he’s getting tired. And I don’t blame them! We took on the handler by default with our best opposite sex. Again Issue definitely three because she was for sure the best dog in the ring today! We didn’t do anything in owner handler because he definitely didn’t deserve anything. He’s just very distracted lately. Since there is no major, I have made the decision to go home tomorrow morning after a good night’s sleep. They’r Tipsy is entered and there is no owner handler competition tomorrow soooo…. Maybe it’s time to head home and enjoy some family time?

Now on to the Team Figgy front…Stella ROCKED it today with Darius and totally earned her WInner’s Bitch ribbon! One more point for our sweet girl! YAHOOOOOOOO!!! All she needs is a major and two singles – They way she has been showing lately that shouldn’t be too hard to finish her. We just need to fin the majors!

Side note, I got to show some other breeds this afternoon, including a hairless puppy for Brandy , a Havanese and a Pomeranian! I also got to socialize the pups to small humans hands – Thank you Parker!! You are so awesome with puppies!!

I packed up and headed back to the hotel after groups – I am so excited to be able to SLEEP IN TOMORROW!!! I never get to sleep and it shows! I’m usually living on two or three hours sleep. So the chance to have the entire bed to myself is dreamy! I’m sleeping in until 10 so I can check out by 11. It’s time to spoil me a little bit.






Her First Win!
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