Figgy’s Cocktail Chihuahuas – how’d we come up with that name you ask? Several things actually…

Newton is a rather common name – but Figgy is a fun nickname that we all often hear. It’s cute and it stuck.

Then comes Cocktail. That is a two-part explanation….

We honestly are not drinkers, but our house is the one that everyone gathers at. At least once a week we have a BBQ or gathering. Every once in a while when the gathering falls on a Saturday, we decide to add alcohol to the mix. It’s always a tutti-frutti, girly drink because those are the ones I like. (Brad is so good to me).

Then comes the tropical twist. When we thought of these fun drinks we also had to add our passion for the beach, water and the tropics. Brad and I were both raised in the mid-west and moved to Florida to maintain the lifestyle we truly dreamed of.

So that’s it – our fun and unique name is a perfect example of us as a family so it’s perfect!

The Move Is Complete