Merrick Puppy Classic Real Chicken Brown Rice and Green Pea Recipe Dry Dog FoodAs I mentioned earlier, I am in the process of transiting the dog food in our house and I am proud to announce the process is officially complete! Our newest litter of puppies have known nothing but Merrick Puppy Classic Real Chicken Brown Rice and Green Pea Recipe Dry Dog Food. It was the easiest good to get my hands on that met all of my requirements – Made in the USA with no ingredients from China, whole-grain for puppy growth and of course – actual CHICKEN and n o fillers! Take all of that and add the fact that with three of the four puppies planned to be placed in new families, I needed a food that was easy to obtain. In my opinion, this is the BEST food that PetCo carries. If my local store had the Grain Free version, I totally would have gone that route since there are many natural sugars in that variety. (Great for our tiny little guys)

Fromm Gold Small Breed Now for the adults and teenagers on our house, we are on a totally different route. I have heard from many fellow Chihuahua breeders that Fromm is the way to go! Less shedding, less tear staining and honestly, less food consumption. With no fillers and more quality ingredients, they eat less food. Fromm is not available at the bog chain stores so only small, mom & pop places or online with delivery. I was able to find a store right up the road from us that carries it. Pet Supplies Plus actually carries both Fromm and Merrick, which allows me the chance to do more experimenting. I would love to actually rotate the different foods and different meats, finally giving a complete grain-free diet a try too.

The transition from Eukanbua Small Breed to Fromm Gold Small Breed is officially complete. I can say that so far, they do in fact eat less, the tear staining is less but far from non-exsistant, the stools are nice and solid but they are a bit stinky! I need to give it a bit more time to see exactly how I feel about Fromm.  I am very pleased with the Merrick transition though. Only time will tell and I will be sure to share my results as the experimenting continues.

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