Spike is back to healthySpikeage is back to his happy go lucky self and to anyone that has had to deal with the hypoglycemic cycle of a tiny puppy, you know it has been a journey. If you haven’t, here’s the deal….

When they have a deep sugar drop, the Nutri-Cal or Kayro syrup given to bring them back causes diarrhea. You use Flagyl to firm up the stools, which can wipe out the microflora (the good bacterias). When the microflora is wiped out, their belly’s don’t feel so good so they don’t feel like eating. They don’t eat, their sugar drops. The vicious cycle!

With Spikeage, he was NOT liking our normal go-to moist food, Eukanuba Puppy Chicken. I tried Royal Canin Vet diet for gastrointestinal issues. Nope! Didn’t like it. He loved the Gerber Stage 2 Chicken (yes, human baby food) but boy were his poops runny! That’s our emergency choice when they just won’t eat but I needed to find something that I could continue to use to keep him eating. I love when trial-and-errors works! I don’t know if it was just the coincidental or not but I ran up to the local PetCo and bought a few cans of the Merrick Grain Free foods and no matter what flavor I put in front of him, he gobbled it up! Grammy’s Chicken Pot Pie, Turducken,  and Cowboy Cookout were his meals of voice – The meals that got him through the woods and pack to his happy go lucky and healthy self! The Belly STILL Speaks!

The Tinies
12 Weeks Old