Today was my scheduled vet appointment to get the girls their first set of vaccines and to get Suri’s day 61 pregnancy x-rays. when I woke to both KC and Kiki having wobbly-head, I knew they still were not adjusting well to the weaning process. Vaccines were out! There is no way they are strong enough to deal with vaccines! But a stool check and some blood work were on order and the results were exactly what we all guessed – Bacterial from the soft stools from the change in diet. Antibiotics were prescribed and every 4 hour feeds are in my future for the next couple of weeks.

I have had my fingers crossed for Suri that the Ted-Man’s multiple ties would help produce at least two puppies. She is only a sliver under 5 pounds and her pregnancy weight gain has been rather small. Two small puppies would be less dangerous and a LOT easier than one larger puppy! Unfortunately, I guess I should have had my toes crossed too because she only has one puppy brewing. It’s not single-puppy big but not a tiny one either. We are all saying prayers that her pelvis will allow the pup to be free whelped. It’s going to be a very tight fit!

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