WOW! We are on a roll! Another point in the books for the Figgy crew and this time it was for Huggie! All of the time and effort put into practice and training for Huggie and I has finally paid off big time!

Eddie came home from yesterday’s exciting show adventures with a bit of the gurgly-guts. The extended stay at the show site (we stuck around for our show photo), mixed with my own butterflies and excitement topped off with loads of chicken and other forms of bait offered to him upset his belly a bit and he wasn’t exactly his uber perky self. The first trip around the ring was half-Eddie but the second trip? Nope, he was done. No disappointment from me by any means! He rocked it yesterday and there will always be another show!

Now Huggie? He did a fabulous job with Winner’s Dog, taking the title and the ribbon! Now if it wasn’t for my own mistakes, Huggie could have done better in the Variety round. I didn’t slip the lead on correctly and his head was a bit too close to the floor – That and the fat that I was a bit flustered with what to do on my second visit to the ring for this round and he could totally sense my fluster!

Huggie and Eddie’s show day aside, it was another fantastic experience with wonderful friends. It was the most positive show weekend I have ever been too. Everyone rooted everyone else on, the Breeder/Exhibitors ruled the weekend and fact that I got to cheer on friends to their awesome wins was more exciting than my own accomplishments. Shelly got Best of Winners with Ella and Rita got Best of Breed with her amazing Fanny!!

So all in all, another amazing day in the ring and I am so proud to say that our sweet Huggie is on point closer to that Champion title!!!!

We Did It!
And So They Wait