My journey into the show ring has finally resulted in the gaining of a point! And can I tell you – the fact that I was surrounded by friends and fellow club members made the monumental occasion so much more special to me!

Today kicked off the two-day Greater Daytona DFA show weekend and to my surprise, the entry numbers were rather low. I anticipated a larger group with the huge Florida Cluster month being here. There are 10 shows being held in Ocala this month, covering every weekend in January. Perhaps the smaller crowds and the fact that we just showed a few weeks back made the belly butterflies subside – What ever it was, Huggie, Eddie and I had a blast today.

Eddie and Dasher in DelandHuggie kicked off the smooth coat variety as he entered for his final time as a puppy. Being officially 18 months old next week, he was entered in the 12-18 month class. It was kind of bittersweet since as a puppy we have always started every show and often times, it has been just he and I in the ring. Next show he will be with the big boys!

His competition for this show was so exciting! Shelly entered Dasher for his first show and he ended up taking first place as well as Winner’s Dog! Being able to be there to witness it was so very cool! Huggie proudly received Reserve and a reserve to Dasher means more than anything!

When we moved to the long coat variety, we started by ourselves on the Open class and then enter the ring with the winning Bred-By dog for Winners. Eddie really seemed to enjoy himself this afternoon and kept his tail up the entire time around the ring. So much so, he wowed the judge who in-turn wowed me!

Eddie and I in DelandEddie got Winner’s Dog! My very first earned point in the ring ever – and Eddie’s 2nd!! I was soooooo unbelievably excited! We had to gear up for Best of Variety, a round I have never experienced before. With everyone rooting me on and the constant reminder from friends outside the ring to, “Keep Your Eye On The Judge!” I was put a bit more at ease. You see, I almost missed the judge pointing Eddie and I out for the win!

Thank goodness I was reminded to watch the judge because this one I DIDN’T miss! When we entered the ring for Best of Variety, I was just honored to be there, bound and determined that Eddie and I were just going to have fun. When the judge pulled me up to the front and placed me second position, I was floored. Eddie got Best of Winners!!!! Totally mind-blowing experience – And to have so many friends there to root me on for my first point? PRICELESS!


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