My daughter shared her excitement for Junior Showmanship with her best friend and of course, now we have another possible Junior In Training!

Mini Training Session with OzzieJillian and her family have one of our past puppies, Ozzie. He has been a pet more than anything, never having been stacked on a table or walked with a show lead. A harness and leash? Oh yeah! But a show lead is something completely different. The two girls have gone to many shows with me but paying attention to what we do in and out of the ring is not something tweenagers generally do. We moms got together and decided to do a mini training session this afternoon to see how not only how Ozzie would do but also how much Jillian understood, before we took both girls to conformation class.

I am here to say that Ozzie picked up on the lead within minutes and actually was rather calm on the table. Jillian picked up the steps quickly and with even the small lesson, a conformation class would be very beneficial to see if this is something they wanted to do. Off to class we all went…

More Conformation ClassesAll 0f the dogs – KC, Huggie and Ozzie – as well as us humans had a fabulous class tonight! KC is rockin’ the lead and doing so much better on the table. Huggie is a breeze and my daughter is very confident and ready for her debut. Mary Lynn, our instructor, was so wonderful with our newbie. Patient and understanding, she made the entire experience so fantastic, so much so we now officially have another enthusiast in the mix!

This was our last class before our Speciality, and the girls last class before we kick into summer break. We moms plan on taking the girls to class for their “summer camp”.

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