KC getting primped and spoiled for her first showIt’s like Toddlers & Tiaras in our hotel room tonight. Sweet baby KC is being primped and primed for her dog show debut tomorrow morning. Using the sink and my trusty Isles of Dogs products, she got a wonderful bath and blow dry. With the help of Shelly, Tami and Lana, we got her nails trimmed and Dremeled to the quick, her whiskers trimmed and a few spots thinned with the shears. Like a pretty princess, she was pampered and spoiled by all of us.

I have been been trying to get her accustom to sound and vibrations from my Wahl ARCO trimmers and thought I was making fabulous progress- until tonight when she growled and tried to bite the thing! I couldn’t figure out what got her tail hairs in a wad – Until I got a peek at her girly parts while trimming the nails on her hind legs.

KC getting primped and spoiled for her first show

It looks like our baby is entering her first heat! She is swollen up to double her normal tiny-bitty size. Poor thing! All this AND her first heat? She seemed to be taking it all in stride and tolerated the blow dryer much better than the trimmer and by the time we got to the Dremel, she was a breeze.

Celebratory Toast
And Here - We - Goooo