Today will be my longest show day to-date. Starting this morning with KC’s entry in Bred-By Exhibitor for the Central Florida Kennel Club, following with my daughter’s Junior Showmanship this afternoon  as well as having Barbie’s eyes checked at the Eye Clinic and then the Breeder’s Sweepstakes tonight! We packed a cooler with snacks as well as lunch, to help keep us humans content and some extra kibble as well as chicken bait for the Chis to keep them happy.

Day two of KC’s weekend was more of the same – Proud as ever for our fourth place. This was the first judge to comment on the extra puppy teeth in her mouth so the appointment I have scheduled for next week is most definitely a go! I had hoped to have it done before this weekend, admittedly wishing they would come out naturally. Whoopsy!

On another medical note I took Barbie over to the eye clinic and she passed her exam! Hello CERF certification!!!


The Poopcident
Both My Girls Rocked It!