Every Fourth of July, our poor dogs are put through two days of nerve-wracking hell – With the Red, Hot and Boom firework celebration held on the 3rd and then the normal 4th of July parties in the neighborhood. Dude and Cosmo are normally our completely freaked out canines and we anticipate their fears every year. This year, I assumed the huge celebration would be canceled due to the thunderstorms and rain but when the skies cleared 20 minutes after the original start time, the fireworks erupted and  calming had to begin.

We actually took Kiki upstairs and allow all of the dogs into the living room with us to watch a movie with the volume turned up high. We learned that tick a few years ago, to help drown out the booms. Cosmos and Dude were actually fine. It was Eddie who was a it panicked. He paced and panted during the entire 32 minute show. Poor guy!

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