Rita and I have been going back and forth with what to do with Eddie. When he came to live with us, it was to get him socialized and into the ring. He did fabulous at his first show back in November of last year but we all noticed something up with his rear and a slightly roached back. With a long heat season and a coat blowing a few months after he arrived, we then worked putting weight on him, gaining muscle and growing out his coat. The roachy appearance disappeared, he loved every stranger, his coat was lush and  full – but his back end still seemed off. With me focusing on showing KC and my daughter with Teddy, I didn’t know when I could get Eddie back into the ring. The decision was made for him to go back to Rita for her to give home a go.

Last night at our club meeting, we did a doggy swap – Eddie went back to Rita’s and Dream came back to us. She is a such a lover-girl and my daughter adores her. She just may live her live out here in our laps, giving as many kisses as she wishes!

Red Hot and RAIN
Banger Sisters