KC is still unpredictably spooked in the ring. Tonight’s class was mind boggling – One time she will walk past a large dogs with no issue, the next time she is freaked and growling. She stops mid “down-and-back” to stare down the air and then cheerfully goes back to sharing her gait. I just don’t understand what has gotten into her. We are already enter in the shows for this weekend and there is a major in long coats so we will go to keep the numbers up – But I don’t think we will be doing any placing. Besides, her coat didn’t come back as much as I expected after her heat – We need a cold snap!

Now onto Teddy and my daughter….

They double rocked it tonight! Teddy is in pure heaven in the ring and Alexis smiled, kep her eye on the judge and looked confident- Deland here we come!

KC Is Back In Class
The Perfect Storm