With my daughter being sick (mono sick – ICK!) we haven’t been to conformation class in a while. The show season is about to pick up and the majority of our weekends in November will be spent in the ring, so back to class we headed tonight!

Teddy never skipped a beat, he was right back to his professional self! The minute you slip that lead around his neck, he knows his job and he does it. And my daughter? The same! She even remembered every step of the “L” without a single reminder of the hand change!

Mary-Lynn gave Alexis some wonderful news – There have been some changes in the Junior world! The judges can no longer work them “around” the table, (a skill she was having a hard time learning) and they can’t ask questions anymore either! Not that learning what group Chihuahuas are in or about the other groups isn’t a plus, but I do think we were all relieved at that news.

Tis Official!
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