Tonight’s class had my daughter focusing on her table skills. She has the tendency to move abruptly and Mary-Lynn taught her to treat Teddy like his a delicate flower! Little does she know – teehee.

Table Training

The other lesson was how to wrap the lead around her neck BEFORE she gets him on the table and to place him at the front, all in one smooth move. It’s a lesson I think I will be adding to my own skills. Boy, would that makes things easier!

While I sat ringside during the class, we had a rather noisy Afghan in a crate beside me. I was eventually asked to hold his lead so that he could be out of the crate and see his owner. I sure am happy we have toy breeds! Yikers! Not only was that a very strong dog but he could reach into my hiding spot to get the bait for himself! Yes, I hide my chicken bait in my bra and I am sure the sight this evening was rather entertaining for many!

Back 2 Class
First Outdoor Show