I am excited to say that my daughter has accomplished showing at her first outdoor show today! We signed both her and KC for today’s show in Brooksville and I wasn’t too sure how any of our “first timers” would do.

Teddy seemed to relish in the fact that he was the only dog in the ring when they went in for their Novice Intermediate class. And Alexis did a fabulous job – A well earned First Place with several new skill lessons. The table stacking, down and back as well as the triangle  were nailed – It was the request to present the front and then to present the rear that threw her for a loop. Those were things she nor Teddy had ever done before. Between her class and her trip back into the ring for Best Junior Handler, we worked on the skills the best that we could.

It is so awesome to see her in with all of the kids and competing against the Masters does leave the deck stacked not in her Novice favor, but she tries so hard and gives it her all. SHe missed the cue to present the front and rear again – I think the outside ring played a big part in that – I am just so proud of her for trying and still walking out of the ring with a smile.

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