With my decision to bench KC for a while until I can figure out what’s going on with her rear and of course, an increase in her confidence, I made a last minute choice to enter her today in Brooksville. It was initially to help build a major and I walked into the ring with that mindset. I am such an idiot!

KC at Brooksville

Granted, not over-thinking things while in the ring is a good thing but thinking you are not going to do well is the worst! To my surprise, she actually did very well – No positive thoughts and all! (Thank you Ken St. John for capturing the photos of it)

She did great on the table and only baulked a few times on the lead while she walked – A major improvement from the Deland weekend. Looks like we are going to Conformation class this week and putting more socialization back on the schedule


First Outdoor Show
Table Training