Tonight’s conformation class was small – There were only three of us. Mary-Lynn was able to devote a lot of time and attention, giving both my daughter and I invaluable instructions and new skills.

After helping Alexis was given more detailed instruction on how to present the front and the rear, they moved to sacking on the table. When showing a toy breed dog it must be stacked on a table instead of on the ground. She has watched countless times how a large breed dog’s front legs are pulled under the dog’s shoulder in a parallel position and the rear legs positioned to show angulation. The same is suppose to be done on the table but the process is completely different but the objective is the same. My daughter was taught, step by step how to accomplish this. After just a few trys, she nailed it, and will be practicing in the bathroom mirror from now on.

Even KC rocked the table tonight. Until she got spooked on the floor while walking, the table was her least favorite part of showing. She would shake with fear, so much so that judges would chuckle and comment on in. Well, with so many chances to visit the table tonight, by our third round, I didn’t have to hold my hand around her neck to keep her in place! I was actually able to hold her at the lead – A first for her! SO AWESOME! Next week? Back to boosting her confidence on the floor…




Proved Herself
Our Last Class of the Year