We have had a camping trip planned for this weekend for months and it is one that we humans need big time! A full three days to unplug and relax – Something we haven’t been able to do since back in March. Of course, KC’s surprising season arrival was not part of the plan and having an in heat female in a camper is not a very wise thing to do. Needless to say, it is also the weekend of the CCA’s National Specialty so the majority of our regular dog sitters are in Chicago! So, doggy loving friends of ours came to the rescue and agreed to watch both KC and Kiki for the weekend.  I will be forever grateful for their hospitality and kindness, and as it turns out, this will be a fantastic socialization opportunity too!

With two cats and their adorable Rottie/Lab mixed named Nala who is Ozzie’s girlfriend (hard to imagine right?), our girls would get exposure to things I personally could never offer – Four full days of entirely new experiences! I don’t know who I am more excited for – the girls of their temporary humans. KC and Kiki are in for one weekend of total spoilage. I dropped them off two hours ago and I am already getting photo updates- I LOVE IT!

Now off to pack up the rest of the dogs – and humans…

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