Alexis rocked it in her Juniors competition and I cannot tell you how disappointed I am that she was the only entry in her class. She seriously could have taken first in a competition with her awesome table moves! Granted, all of her single entry shows thus far have helped her gain more and more experience – Nothing like the real thing, right? But it’s about time she  earned some of her three points required to move up to the Open class.

One thing that is great about her guaranteed First Place while in Novice is that she gets to go back int he ring for the Best Junior Handler competition. She loves to be in with the experienced kids and knows full well that the odds are not in her favor. I am just so thrilled to she her excitement and willingness to keep going.

I must note though, on her second ring visit, she was chomping away big time on her gum. So much so it was distracting! From here on out, there will be no more gum in the ring – Perhaps we will move to breath mints!

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