I totally dropped the ball and missed the deadline to get my entries in for the dog shows this weekend.  Admittedly, my disappointment in missing the entries was huge. This was to be our test run in  showing while staying in the camper. If it went well, we would bring the camper to the show site in Lakeland come winter. Since we were only 35 minutes away from the site, my daughter asked if we could go spend the morning rooting on our friends. How could I deny that request? So up at 7 am we were, and off to the Ocala Show Grounds we went…

It was an awesomely good time and some wonderful points given to some wonderful dogs. Good times, great friends and a chance to get my hands on the latest Eukanuba deal! This weekend’s was an amazing bag filled with tons of great stuff. A blanket, towel, apron, baseball cap, food scooper/clip, dog treats, frisbee and food bowl – All for $20.00!

Before we headed back to the campground, we anxiously checked out Tami’s new Rv and drooled at the the awesome setup they had at the show grounds. I was more inspired than I thought I would be to give it a go in February – I need to get my butt in gear!

Proved Herself
Brandon - Day 1