You know that saying, everything happens for a reason? Well, today that saying proved itself correct, and then some!

Over the weekend, I heard from Jane about her desire to bring two Chihuahuas into her family. WIth the puppies being way to young to be placed I mentioned a few of the dogs we were planning on retiring. That inspired a Sunday afternoon at our house, meeting a large majority of our dogs and falling head over heels for Huggie and Kiki. They could clearly see how much they complemented each other – He is laid back and  chilled while she is more adventurous and active. As we talked dogs and such, the two crawled right up into Jane and Paul’s laps and napped. I think the decision was made right then and there – For the humans and the dogs!

They officially are residents of the State of Rhode Island, having taken off on a flight and landed to experience temperatures they have never imagined! It was 34 degrees!!! BURRRR. Kiki was a bit unsure of the flight while Huggie slept the whole way home. With their first official airplane ride in the cabin under their belts, I am sure they will return to the land of sunshine and sand and on the next trip down south.

These two dogs are very special members of our own family but knowing they will want for nothing and live the life like that of a king and queen made the bitter sweet decision much easier. They are the DREAM forever family – I am so happy for everyone!

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