After all of our fretting and extra training, I am proud to announce that our sweet KC not only stole the heart of the judge today, but also that of Pat Pittore – A woman who’s opinion means more to me than anything!

KC with PatI put KC in the 12-18 month class for today, since she is so tiny in size and has been competing against full grown competition in the bred-by class. Clearly it paid off because in a class with four entries, KC for first place!!! Woot-Woot! SO Excited! She kept up her tail and only paused once on the down and back – Momma is so proud!

From ringside, Pat happened to notice our sweet KC immediately and commented on how nice she is. So much so, that the two got to meet in person for a real hands-on evaluation. For Pat to ring her praises, I would say it was the best weekend EVER!

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