If you have ever camped in an RV or camper with your dogs, you know there are good, bad and ugly things that come up. The carpet that seems to get stained so much more with paws, the less than desirable storage options in tiny, traveling homes and trying to create a safe place for your dogs outside the camper.

One thing that helped inspire our choice in campers was the ease of packing (and unpacking) as well as the stain resistant flooring that pretty much comes standard in toy haulers. Potty accidents and other doggycidents that seem to happen are easy-breezy with a toy hauler and for that I am so grateful.

Of course, since we purchased our camper over 6 years ago, so many new models have emerged, including travel trailers with separate living quarters and  “garage” and some even have slide-outs! So if you have dogs and wish to try out the camping experience, go for a toy hauler and be ready for the perfect canine camping setup!

By the way – We are packed up and ready to head back home from our trip to Rainbow Springs – And all of the puppies got to witness the pack-it-up process. I think the fact that the entire backend of our camper opened up a was a bit startling at first but soon, they were more entertained by all of the commotion of loading up our gear. 😉

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