I have been running around playing catch up from the past couple weeks of National’s prep and headed out to pick up some last minute Christmas gifts. My never-fail goto has always been Burlington Coat Factory. Not only can I find anything and everything for my human family but my canine loved ones always get something awesome when I shop there.

One thing I can always find is dog beds. The key to shopping for dog beds is to find those that have NO FOAM and fabric bottoms. The nylon bottoms don’t make it through many trips in and out of the washing machine. Of course, at $20.00+ a bed, we would like them to last a year at least! The selection at Burlington is immense and the price point is perfect. Today’s adventure included this adorable giraff print, fiber filled, fabric bottom bed for $23.00!!! Now that’s a find – And clearly, Barbie  loves it!

Mommy Love
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