I must thank everyone that volunteered their Saturday to help with the booth and of course, those that stopped by to meet our Chihuahuas – TODAY TOTALLY ROCKED!

Our booth was a huge hit and constant stream of visitors proved how much of a fan fav we were. From 10:15 am this morning until 5:30, a full hour and a half past the end time of the event, we had visitors and friends stopping by. There were stickers for the kids, photo ops with the hat wearing Chihuahuas, a party tuned slide show filled with tons of Chihuahua photos and videos (Sharon and her agility Chi’s stole the show!) and Vicky’s adorable pups to play with.


My daughter was so awesome, helping us finish the booth setup and tending all day long. She greeted our guests and visitors, and helped with the dogs – Ours and everyone else’s too! I brought Teddy, KC and Spike along for the day, all of which are going to sleep like babies tonight. Teddy played booth host, just like he did last year and I swear he was such a ham! KC was a bit more reserved with all of the activity, sights and sounds. She chilled in the pen with Spike, who happened to LOVE all of the attention, stealing hearts and kisses noses. He was such a trooper!

It was such a fantastic day and I am so thrilled to have been such an amazing part of it. Be sure to stop by tomorrow for day two – More Chihuahua fun to come!

First Regional Specialty Was A Huge Success!
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