My daughter is feeling so much more confident now that she has been attending the Junior Conformation Classes, surrounded by other kids and teens her own age. Also, the instructions are Junior specific, which is perfect. I have to say, I have learned a lot from the classes for myself to use in the ring too. A total win-win.

Another positive with the change in classes is that fact that she has had instruction from three different people now and it is amazing how each person brings their own perspective into the mix. Alexis is a very literal person and at first, the different suggestions were confusing. After three weeks and three sets of directions, she has learned to take the advice and customize it based on her needs.

The biggest topic has been her technique to lift the dog onto the table for examination. Mary-Lynn taught her to turn her back to the judge when leaning over to pick Teddy up so the judge doesn’t see the dog in a less than flattering stance. From there, she wraps the lead around her neck in the standing position and then stacks Teddy on the table. She usually fiddles with each leg and paw because he is being placed onto the table with her hands around is chest and rear legs. Christina taught her to lift Teddy from the ground with two fingers UNDER his chest and two between his hind legs and place him on the table with a more natural stance.  Then Mark showed her how to bend down, wrap the lead around her neck and then stand and place Teddy on the table. By combining all three tips into one swift movement, she NAILED it tonight at class!

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