Spike and KC slept in the living room on the couch last night. This was a first for us but with unique circumstances. It is really cold around here, getting down into the 30’s at night. The journey to warmth of the couch comes with a four month long story…

Spike has changed our entire game plan of getting all future pups to sleep in crates at night. All of our other dogs sleep with us in bed and lets just say, besides the other obvious reasons, it’s getting crowded! We have tried to crate the spoiled rotten ones in our house and let’s just say, they make the phrase, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” poster worthy! So the goal to train all future additions was made!

The K litter (KC, Kiki and Kahlua) all slept in crates with out a single issue. It was the arrival of Spike that changed everything. From the moment he was 8 weeks old, we have crated him. First with his mother and then with KC after her sisters left for their new forever homes. Sure, one might expect a night or two of whining and crying. No! Not with Spike – it was EVERY night – ALL night! We did the earplugs thing and ignoring the behaviors. We put chew toys in with him, we even tried him alone. Nothing seemed to break him. One night after three hours of crying and a very early wake up time ahead of us, I ran downstairs and got them both of the crate and placed them into the doggy bed on the kitchen before heading back up to try to go to sleep. Miraculously, the house was silent! Not a single peep. So now we have taken several steps back with our two remaining “newbies” no longer sleeping in a crate but in the kitchen for the last month.

The couch move was because one entire wall is floor-to-ceailign glass widows and the frigid temps and wind put a definite chill in that room. So on the couch they slept in the warmth oft the cuddly blankets. A  New kinda spoil, aye?

Last of the Season
Staying Warm