When I contacted Terry to let her know she was next on the waiting list for an available puppy, I could hear the excitement in her email! The phone call that followed was even more exciting. We have decided to place Diva in a new forever home and when she heard that was the puppy that had become available, she knew instantly the waiting had paid off!

Mona Going Home

I am so excited for both – And I am excited to announce that we are pulling the name Diva from the used piled and putting it back on the list for the next Diva-like puppy. Her new name will be Figgy’s Mona Lisa and she will have a life filled with spoils, a home cooked diet and a human bed to cuddle with her favorite human in. What more could this sweetie ever want? Oh yeah, two new forever bestest buds! Congrats to Terry and her furry crew AND to Mona!

I'd Say We Are All Good!
Mornin' Momma