My family spoiled me totally today, my birthday.  A second full day on the couch, recouping my injury and being waited on hand and foot. Pretty nice aye?

This afternoon, they came to me with a pile of gifts, a bouquet of flowers and an enormously large helium filled balloon.  While I sat on the couch opening my gifts, we were all focused on the festivities and not the dogs. Many sat on the couch with me, taking advantage of the wrapping paper and feasted on that. It was while my husband was snapping photos that he noticed my new balloon moving it’s way across the room. With no fan or air circulating in the room, his curiosity was piqued.

It was then that we all discovered with was Smoochie that discovered the weight on the end of the balloon ribbon and she took it upon herself to make it her new personal play thing. Around the room she went for a good 10 minutes. Such a very brave and very proud little girl she is!

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