While checking out at Staples with my, you know, “Office Supplies”, I happened to notice this box with a clearance tag on it. I literally did a double take, since I have never seen dog supplies in an office supply store. Dog Steps at Staples? Foldable wooden dog steps with carpet padding for $29.50 at…Staples? Oh yeah, I opened the box to check it was in one piece before I handed it to the cashier.

Total impulse buy with the camper project on my brain. We have never been able to find a set of doggy steps that reach up to the bed in our camper and this was a four-stepper in WOOD! I also sing the praises of the the $9.99 steps I get and Walgreens and CVS and we do use those regularly but they just don’t seem to wear up well in the toy hauler. Sure, the light weight is ideal but factory setup  just didn’t work well and the steps get broken all of the time. A nice sturdy set of wood doggy steps that I can paint white (to match the rest of the camper interior) for under $30.00? SOLD! Now let’s see if my vision comes to life.

They're Here - THEY'RE HERE!
You Know I Had To Buy This