I am so flippin’ excited! My custom embroidered Picnic Time chair backs arrived in the mail today and I LOVE them! More beautiful than I ever imagined. I have been wanting custom chairs for quite a while now and while we were at the Brooksville shows at the beginning of the month, I finally took the plunge  when I saw the  ISew4U booth and ordered a black chair with my one line of embroidery. I also had   a Teddy inspired logo added, since he IS the man, you know. We already have a red Picnic Time chair so while we were in Ocala, I asked if they could do the embroidery on the back of my already purchased chair. Oh heck to the yeah, they said YES! I had the red one done with a Smoochie inspired logo – Because she’s worth it and my daughter’s current fav. (The red chair will become Alexis’s now that my new one has arrived and red is her favorite color too! Win-win-win, totally!)

Bringing your own chairs to a dog show is a must since most show locations do not provide them. To have custom chairs not only make you look cool (who doesn’t want to look cool?) but now you can pick out your chair from across the room and not get it mixed up with someone else’s! Your won win-win-win!

Missy and Wiley with ISew4U are the besest! They will ship products but also allow you to pick them up at shows and events! It looks like they will be headed to the Lakeland shows in February so be sure to stop by their booth and get your own custom chair!

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