It’s Tuesday night so that means Junior Conformation Class! So worth the 45 minute drive into Deland and now we are turning it into a social event with dinner to follow class with Hope and her mom!

4th_jr_class1My daughter showed off the same skilled that she combined and mastered for Ocala (minus the lead wrap around Teddy of course) and impressed the pants off of Christina! She has seen the major improvements in just the last few weeks and the pride beamed from Alexis!

Tonight’s lesson was all about helping Teddy keep his tail up. With so many large breed dogs in the ring for Juniors and of course, his 6 year hiatus from the show ring, he will randomly put his tail down in the ring. To help keep him focused on Alexis and not all of the oddities that surround him Christina has Alexis talking to Teddy all the way around the ring. Speaking quietly is NOT a natural ability for my daughter. With excitement comes an even higher volume! So this is a true lessons for her and something she will need to practice DAILY!

Time For Lead Breaking
They're Here - THEY'RE HERE!