My daughter wants to show a dog that she has completely trained, just like her friend Hope is doing. I explained the challenges that come with entering the Junior Ring with a none-Champion dog but it hasn’t slowed down her desire to try. Gotta love her determination.

We have held on to  Spike to continue watching his development but also because Alexis has mentioned MANY times, her interest in showing him. He has his unique show faults – That being his complete refusal to be in a crate and his vomity car sickness. That hasn’t stopped her either!

With the excitement of another show less than 24 hours behind her, she woke this morning telling m that she wants to lead break him. Greasy pepperoni and a show lead in hand, out to the front yard they went. To my surpass and excitement, she called me out to check her progress about 20 minutes later. After baiting him from a stand still to get up and walk, the pepperoni was the best choice possible because he was tail-waggin instantly.  She got him not only walking on a lead but into pretty decent self-stack being lured with bait! It looks like that are both naturals!

Ocala at 8:00 am
You Guessed It!