Let me re-phrase that.

Ocala at 8:00 in January with temperatures in the 30’s after 5 hours of sleep in a musty hotel room.

One might think we are crazy devoted to the sport. The truth is we are bound and determined to get my daughter her first point. She needs competition to earn a First Place point. There are three entires in her class this morning and THAT is why we are here.

We arrived and hunkered in ringside at 7:15, with no one else in sight. Alone we sat, trying to keep warm and praying that others would show up. At 8:00 on the dot, the lack of other entries arriving throw Alexis for a loop when then whizzed by the Junior Novice class and right into hers, Novice Intermediate. The Ring Steward made a final call for the two additional entries in her class but no one came. Dagnabit! She is showing alone again!

I think the confusion was a bit too much for her as she wasn’t as prepared as she normally in before entering the ring. The judge was so sweet to not only notice but also helped Alexis untwist the lead and Teddy. As sweet as it was, we now have another lesson to add to the list – Be prepared BEFORE you enter the ring.

With her single entry First, she got to go back into the ring for the Best Junior competition and this time, she totally rocked it! No snared dogs and no missing any directions – So maybe next time my dear. Maybe next time 🙂

The King at Motel6
Time For Lead Breaking