So what’s a girl laid up, on the mend and suddenly without a weekend camping trip to do? Check out the International Canine Event being held in Deland this weekend. I have heard so many great things about this organization and their events so am really looking forward to seeing it all for myself.

I have been told that they are an extremely friendly group with events that have a laid-back atmosphere. I have also heard that they use a European style, with judges giving you written feedback on your dog – Now that is VERY cool!

Entries closed at midnight on the 4th and I registered my daughter in their Juniors competition, just in case my injury ended up putting a kibosh on our camping plans. It’s a good thing that I did because it looks like that is where we will be this Sunday. I just wish the meds hadn’t been taken yet and I might have had the sense to enter myself and KC. Oh well – I am still very excited to check it all out.

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