Never having experienced an ICE Dog Show before I wasn’t too sure how to prepare or what to expect. I am accustom to the Judging Program arriving prior to the show day , giving the ring number and the time. With online entries being accepted through midnight on Friday night – the day before the first day of the show weekend – I anticipated the times being posted on their website but this was not the case. I did know that they have two shows on each day. Shows 1 and 2 were on Saturday and shows 3 and 4 were today.

When I registered my daughter for the Juniors competition, they stated that Juniors only show on Sunday between the 3rd and 4th shows. With that, I went ahead and entered KC for the 4th show. (Yes, I was able to slip in her entry after I realized entries went through Friday). Since they stated that the 3rd show was to start at 9:00 am this morning, I figured that arriving at 11:00 would be safe. It looks like we timed it PERFECTLY!

These shows are very small – There were only four entires in the Toy Breed group and KC was the only Chihuahua . We had about an hour to kill before our time in the ring and it gave me time to learn the ways of ICE.

When you arrive, you head to the Superintendent’s table and sign in and it is there that you get your folder. The folder contains a certificate and your armband.  When they call your breed/number, you hand the folder to the Ring Steward and then, just as in and AKC show, follow the Judge’s instruction. It is after you have walked the ring, stacked the dog on the table and then do your down and back that everything is different. Each exhibitor sits with the Judge individually and that is when they sign your Certificate and give you a complete critique of your dog.

I am actually quite thrilled that the show is small. We brought Spike and Bella along for the exposure and with such a small crowd, it was easy to get everyone to hold and help socialize them for us. Being the only four Chihuahua’s in the building, they were super stars within minutes of us walking in the door and setting up our spot.

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