That was a first for KC and I. Sure, there were only two of us in the ring, but still…GROUPS!

Let me start from the beginning…

first_ice_kc1There were four entries in the Toy Breed Class – We were number three. I wasn’t too sure how KC was going to do since she was not her self in any way! I still think we have some hormonal issues going on but there was also the big dog thing. With so few people in the building it was if she could hear each dog breath, stopping her in her tracks each time we tried warming up with walks on the lead. If we happened to try to walk near a big breed dog, she stop completely and became fixated on them.

I assumed I would be pulling her around the ring, especially once we got called in and she just stood there. All it took was was one tug and off she went! She kept her tail up about 50% of her time in the ring but on the table she was as happy as ever, even wagging her tail!

Once we were done, the Judge called me over to sit with her and we went over her critique of KC. Her  faults were noted – Her ear placement and low tail set – But all in all she really gave her great scores! She suggested that I work on her confidence, something we have been working on for a while and will continue to work on. The Judge was fantastic and so nice! So encouraging! This was a great experience for both of us  – KC even walked OUT of the ring confidently and with her tail up! Cool aye?

With KC getting First Place, we were called back into the ring for the Adult Toy Breed Groups. We got Second Place but I was proud as ever to even get to go back in. Sure, this was a small show – A REALLY SMALL SHOW! But all in all, what a wonderful experience!!!


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