The longer we stay, the better it gets this afternoon at the ICE show. The Juniors were moved to right before their Best In Show after the 4th show of the weekend and there was quite a large turn out! et’s just say, double that of the Toy Breed group. My daughter was the only Novice in her age group – Something she is more than accustom to, but at the end, she too got to sit with the Judge and go over her critique. For the juniors, it was more of a Report Card. And she got ALL A’s!!!!! She nailed every direction given by the judge, including the L.

Yhepper! The ICE Judge requested the L pattern, something that we have been told in the AKC ring might never be called upon again. I found it really interesting that it was requested of all of the Novice kids and even the advanced level kids. Interestingly enough, she remembered all of the maneuvers, including both of the hand changes. More interesting is the fact that in the ICE program, she would get further faster because you don’t need all of the competition – Only all A’s three times. We just may have to hit up their next visit here in September!

In addition to the report card, she received an medal for First place, meaning she gets to go in for Best Junior. Again, she nailed every request but had a very hard time getting Teddy to stay still while stacking him from the floor. This is not news to us and is something she has been needing to work on with him for a while. Looks like she better get to it before next weekend!!!!!

We Made It To Groups!
Some Final Thoughts On ICE