After taking it all in yesterday while at the ICE dog shows being held in Deland, I thought I would share my thoughts and opinions with my fellow dog show peeps. I sat down with a cup of coffee and read all of the information in my folder and boy, there was a lot I clearly didn’t understand when I signed up for this event!

With AKC shows allowing puppies as young as 6 months to enter for Breed, we generally work on pups by training them on the lead and table stacking as early as we can. I begin stacking them at 6 WEEKS of age with lead training usually starting at 8 weeks. Because of their tiny size and vulnerability to viruses as such that are ofter at public doh parks, let alone dogs shows, we can’t take them out to socialize until they are fully vaccinated. Exposing them to the show ring usually begins with Conformation Classes. They are a fabulous way to train humans ANd canines but as anyone who has shown will tell you, the real training is IN THE RING@ There is nothing like it. Well, I am here to tell you that ICE shows are the next best thing. Why you ask? Because they offer Puppy Classes for pups as young as 3 months!

Granted – pups are not fully vaccinated that young and I would never expose a 3 month old Chihuahua to such an event, but I have 4 month, fully vaccinated pups that could truly use the training! I normally take my young ones to Training Sessions/Fun Matches held by our Local Breed Club. The same can be achieved by attending a Sanction B Match held by a club. The reason I am now suggesting the International type of shows is because you get that critique. Also, it is much, much more laid back and encouraging. It gives you and your pup a chance to have a great time while getting some fantastic show exposure and of course, get yourself an International Title while you’re at it!

So check out their schedule if you plan on traveling but I can also tell you they informed me that they will be back in Deland in September – so keep checking their website for the latest!


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