and the girls are beyond thrilled with their new apprenticeships! Kristie at As The Tail Wags Grooming Salon has offered a chance for Alexis and Hope to gain some of the most amazing lessons that they will carry through there lifetimes. They are apprenticing at the salon to learn dog grooming. Today was all about bathing – Something I know first hand that my daughter is awesome at. Of course, we use the laundry tub here at the house and all she has ever bathed and dried is Chihuahuas so today she expanded her experience for sure.

Using a bona fide dog grooming tub with all of the appropriate accoutrements was so cool! I have taught her which of our dogs get certain shampoos and conditioners and such but at the salon, she got to learn so much more. And our little dog dryer is NOTHING compared to what she got to use today. I see a request for more professional equipment in my near future, that’s for sure. And then of course came the lessons in large and medium breed dog bathing – Something she has yearned to try for years.

It was only day one of the apprenticeship and so much was learned. I am so thankful to Kristie and Emily for this amazing opportunity!

That's NOT A Chihuahua!
Adding Another Breed To The List