A Class with Chi FocusWe are back to the swing of conformation class, with tonight’s focus being back onto our Chihuahuas. Hope brought Spike for some one-on-one in the practice ring while Alexis brought Beamer to help build his confidence in the ring. Getting that rear-end up is a must! Both of the boys did fabulous in the class and I am not sure who had more fun! The girls and the dogs seemed to be all giggly and playful, that was until the boys noticed the air vent in the back corner of the room.

The buildings here at the Fair Grounds are metal and FULL of echoes and noises. Chihuahuas notoriously get spooked in these buildings at every show held here so having the chance to practice and train at the Fair Grounds is a true blessing. Both boys are still very young so to have them exposed now is a great thing. Having the girls learn to get them through the freak is also a great thing. All four did fantastic.



A Class with Chi FocusNow during this whole experience, Smoochie had her own adventure. I decided to bring her along for some obviously, much needed socialization. She got a lot of holding ring side but also showed some intense interest on what was going on IN the ring! Fixated on the boys and seemingly unaffected but the other dogs in the ring, we decided to give her a go for the last trip around the ring for the night. She seemed rather intent so, why not go for it right?

Tonight’s experience was so much better than the last. Oh yes, she was still on the spooked side but showing her fear and having a wonderful instructor that wouldn’t let her get away with it, while also being patient and gentle? PRICELESS!!!  It made of the difference in the world and we ended the night on a major positive. So much so that we decided to keep the ball rolling and sent her home with Hope for some additional exposure and socialization.

Our Day of Rest
The Smooch Is Back