So this morning was a major first for many different things. The first time Hope showed a Chihuahua, the first time Alexis showed in Breed and the first dog show for Beamer! With all of that being said, there was a lot of anxiety going down the show leads mixed with some not so planned incidents, making for a less than ideal Junior experience to kick off the weekend.

Beamer and Alexis went in alone (AGAIN) and for Beamer never having showed before I have to say, he really did fantastic! There were several tugs on the lead when he paused and not the most beautiful self-stacks but he got through it with his tail up for the most part. He still has a very long way to go in the maturity department but he got his first show under his belt which is better than any conformation class could offer. When walking the Junior ring with a 9 month old puppy and trying to compete with Championed dogs handled by your competition, we knew going in that she wasn’t going to place beyond her automatic first place in her class, so it’s all good.

Now KC was another story. I have always had my issues with her and her skittishness but never to the point she reached today for Hope. KC got scared by a larger breed dog at show several months back and the stars did not along in her favor today. She has been doing so mach better with Hope at her house, being exposed to large breeds daily. She is in sync with Hope like none other and clearly coming back to our house for the last couple weeks made her revert. She got freaked out by the large breeds in the Junior ring this morning and had to be drug around the ring. Thank goodness that Hope has the patience of a saint, appearing as calm as a cucumber for the entire time. Man do I wish I had that skill!


Anywho, they both got through it and the spectators as well as fellow Juniors were sympathetic to very apparent fear KC had so in the ing run, everyone tried to make it as positive as an experience of her as possible. We may have to rework some things for tomorrow 😉

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