We moved onto the Breed ring at the Orange Park show this morning and it was more of the same from the Junior Ring. Beamer appeared much more confident, making me more confident in entering him this weekend. This was the best experience we could give him in preparing him for showing. The entries were low and the ring time perfect for him being so young.

Alone in their class, the first place brought them in for Winner’s Dog which is even more experience for him with additional males and he got Best of Breed Puppy! Not having any entries myself, I was able to help a friend with her smooth coat entires so my daughter and I got to be in the ring together for the very first time! All in all it was a fabulous first Breed ring experience for both Alexis and Beamer!

KC was still in her freaked out state of mind and had a lot of stop and start moments for Hope but she was such a trooper and just kept at it. She truly has the patience of a saint! We talked about KC’s reverting but Hope is bound and determined to get her back in the ring with confidence. She is bring KC back him with her tonight to spend some one on one time with her before tomorrow’s show. If there is anyone that can do it, it’s Hope!

Not Too Great, But Lessons Learned
It's A Whole New Day!