With yesterday’s experiences behind us and the lessons learned, things were reworked in a way that made this morning an entirely different experience.

As planned, KC went home with Hope yesterday and she worked with both her and Spike last night. I am proud to announce that Spike made his debut at his first dog show and clearly we have found her Junior’s dog! Oh my word did he do awesome! The train-wreck yesterday made today’s ring experience all the better,. So much so that Hope got 3rd place! Now THAT says a lot now doesn’t it? Those two are the perfect team. And for being Spike’s first show and being so young, I see he is clearly a natural!

Beamer was even a different dog today. Yesterday I was proud of him for it being his first show – Today I am even prouder as he appeared much for confident! His tail never seemed to go down and he baited with much more excitement.  We need to work on a more confident self-sack though. All in do-time. Alexis was alone again and and of course, went back in the ring for Best Junior Handler but today brought an entirely new lesson for my daughter. Ring Time Conflicts!

The Junior’s ring time was 8:00 am. Chihuahuas as well as Mastiff’s were both at 8:45 am. The Juniors didn’t finish until 8:50 but thank goodness for a few breeds being ahead of the Chihuahuas or she would have missed her chance to compete. She was so torn because she wanted to root for Hope with the Mastiff she was showing but had to go in the ring with Beamer. Today included a hard lesson in priorities – and having to make choices now that she will be showing in breed, with multiple breeds at that!


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