Our rush to arrive at the Chihuahua ring from the Junior’s ring made for the start of an amazing day. We did get their in time to not only show Beamer but also meet with some amazing people that I will get to hopefully share some Figgy news about in the very near future. That aside, the dog entires for Smooth Coats was low – Only two – Which gave Alexis the chance to win Winner’s Dog on her ver first breed weekend. A judge doesn’t have to put a dog up if they feel none of the entires are worthy. And our awesome Alexis/Beamer team took Reserve! A well earned Reserve too! The confident just grew and grew in our sweet boy this weekend and he rocked it in the ring today in Breed. Looks like she will be the Queen of the Smooth Coats and will be debuting Smoochie next in June!

Kudos MUST go out to Hope because she is amazing! I will now call her the Dog Whisperer because the KC that showed in this very ring yesterday is no the same KC that showed up today. She only had one pause in the ring and the rest of the time she was fixated on Hope. So much so that she got 4th place  – SHE PLACED!!!! Another great way to end the weekend. And if Hope has anything to say about it, she WILL get the first point on KC. You Go Girl! I have no doubts!

It's A Whole New Day!
Smooth Coat Besties