So we use the belly bands that I make all of the time. They make for a quick and easy way to keep the male marking down to a minimum, especially with in heat females right now. I have always wanted to get some girly panties for when the season arrives but again, run into the small size issues. Pulling a pant up on a female dog is fine and all, but I wished there was something easier to strap around them, like the belly bands. I played around with some ideas I had in my head, altering the bellyband to include a pice that swoops up and over towards the back, while still allowing a place for the tail.

booty band prototypesHere are my prototypes of what I will call “Booty Bands” and how to try them out on the girls to see what adjustments I need to make to the design. I will be sure to share my results, and hopefully have some available in the Figgy Gear store in the future!

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